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Other providers? They often hide the best tools behind multiple payment levels and lock you into their own costly, flat-rate card processing.

Solvr's different. You get all our features upfront – no restrictions, no holding back essentials. And instead of flat-rate processing that ALWAYS inflate your costs, you choose the processor that offers you interchange+ rates – a much better deal for your bottom line.

At Solvr, we do it the way it should be done, the right way, which is actually the other way around: flat rate on the software with zero paywalls & the flexibility for you to choose the payment processing that serves you best.

To get a clear picture of how much a flat-rate could cost your business, read this short article

Solvr License Pricing

Billed Yearly.

Plan A


$ 40/Per month

Plus $10 per extra station.

Software License

Limitless Storage and Data Capacity for reports, items, image uploads & much more


Two sessions of 45 minutes each are scheduled to guarantee a good start.

Technical Support

On-demand support is available at any given time. We can log into your account and help you with any project you want to accomplish or challenges that may occur

Constant Update

Constant updates and amelioration.
All of our updates come from feedback and suggestion we get from our clients.

Solvr Stay Ahead of the curve with constant update and new features, you will never pay more to access it.

Need help finding the best deal ?

It's always nice to have options, especially good ones. So, we've made it a reality: the most trusted brand at a discounted price. Being with Solvr means being in safe hands.

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Accept contactless and traditional payments, and take payments offline

Offer digital receipts, one-touch tipping, and easily process refunds

Tip & Tax Automatically

See most deposits in your bank account the next day

Get $100,000 liability protection against data breaches

Monthly Reports


The Help you need when it matters.