Is Solvr
Retail good for you ?

If you require sales synchronization between your physical store and your webstore, then no. For the rest, you found the perfect Solution.
Step 01

Use our data bank to quickly create your catalogue, simply scan a product and in most cases the name of the product will appear. Give it a selling price and on to the next one.

Simply scan a product and in most cases the name of the product will appear. Give it a selling price and on to the next one.

Step 02

If an item dosent have a barcode and you wish to print a label for it in the future, Solvr can generate one

Step 03

Create as many items as you need and upload unlimited pictures.

Step 04

If your current PoS system allows you to export your Item data on a excel sheet, we can import them for you free of charge

management made easy.

From inventory planning to tracking and reorders, Solvr Retail helps your business stock the right products at the right time.

Make the right decisions
with sophisticated retail analytics.

Whether your ops team needs a high-level view of your business or is drilling down on specific metrics, they can do it all with Solvr Retail.

Keep your inventory
in check with our

Keep your inventory in check with our analytics.

Whether you’re forecasting demand or deciding which products to put on sale, Solvr Retail’s product performance reports will guide you to the right decision.

Stock coming in?

Eliminate inventory discrepancies and shrink.

Never miss a sale and improve inventory accuracy. Always know how many products you have across multiple stores and warehouses in real time.

Barcode & Label Creation

Labels creation is a most-have for Convenience store & liquor store, but not only. With Solvr Retail, Generating & printing them has never been quicker and easier.

Lottery Payout
& Pawnshop Purchase

Retailers comes in all shape and colors. Some requires, for various reasons, the ability to payout something.

Weighing Product

If you sell something by weight, having an integrated scale has plenty of benefit in your daily endeavors.

So, naturally we got you covered!

Smooth Checkout

Make it Stress-less for your staff

Promotion and member price

Solvr University New

Introducing Solvr University: Your pathway to business excellence. Empower yourself with in-depth knowledge and master the tools that drive your success. Discover effortless setup and optimization strategies, all for free. Elevate your business game with Solvr University and watch your success story unfold.

Client Feedbacks

Gabriel runs his bustling supermarket seamlessly with Solvr.

“My partner introduced me to Solvr in 2020 and we have since opened two new stores. It’s easy to start and even easier to scale”

Mr. Gabriel Green

La Nueva Isla Supermarket

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