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Solvr POS restaurant software display on a screen tablet and phone
Manual guide
Manual guide


Grow with the right tools

  • Cloud Back Office
  • Multi Restaurant
  • Managers / Employee accounts
  • Multiple Menus Sync.
Customer care

Take Care of your Customers

  • NEW Self Ordering see how it works!
  • Loyalty Program
  • Online ordering
  • Customer Info Saving

Ease & Flexibility In Your Management

  • Waiter APP Sync with POS Download here
  • Easy Topping /modifier Management
  • Discounts & Promotions Creation
  • Kitchen Printing

Customer Profile

Get to know your customers by creating profiles that let you know how often they come and their favorite items on your menu. Your staff will be able to offer more personal service and give patrons a memorable experience.
  • Add credit to their account so they can pay later
  • Assign Loyalty points for dollars spent to encourage repeat business
  • Track a customer’s visit and payment history as well as favorite products


Allergies, food restrictions or simply preferences, your customers won’t appreciate any error. Our modifiers feature allows you to put all requests directly into the system so you never forget what they asked while allowing you to tailor the modifiers so they fit your Restaurant needs.
  • Let the kitchen know about modifications/topping to an item
  • Avoid ordering mistakes
  • Add modifiers as easily readable notes

Timed Promotion

Save your staff’s time and add promotions directly into Solvr Restaurant POS. At the indicated time, prices will decrease and revert back to the original when it’s over. The system does it all for you.
  • Set up a promotion time
  • Enter the new pricing information
  • Let the system stop the promotion

Modern Ordering System

Whether they are at a table, at the bar or on the terrasse, customers expect one thing: impeccable service. Wherever they are, give them the same options, information and answers.
  • Use a mobile phone or a tablet to serve customers everywhere
  • Send the orders automatically to the bar or the kitchen, each staff employee device can be synchronized to a specific Kitchen printer
  • Offer them total payment flexibility

Order Anywhere

Let your customers place their own orders and send their requests directly to the kitchen so your staff can focus on what they do best.
  • Customers can order at the table directly from their phones
  • Save money and avoid third-party fees by managing your own takeout
  • Avoid order mistakes and lineups

Takeout and delivery

Get more orders with a POS that allows you to process takeout and delivery both by phone and Online.
  • Generate your digital menu in one click
  • Easily add the link to your menu to your website or google page
  • Gain independence from 3rd party delivery app
  • Assign one or multiple delivery to a member of your staff
  • Set specific rates for takeout and delivery

Keep your customer informed & rewarded

  • Your digital menu automatically put your hot deals and promotion on top.
  • Let your client track the status of their delivery
  • Reward your loyal clients with points per Dollard spent
  • Build a loyal customer base by easing the way they order your delicious meal


With Solvr Restaurant, end the meal as easily as it started, by dividing the bills the way your customers want.

  • Easily apply last-second discount or fee
  • Split or group bills
  • Transfer items
  • Divide an item between customers

Discover your new restaurant manager

Build your menu in minutes and easily update it from anywhere. Keep your staff informed on your menu items and show customers mouthwatering photos of your dishes and drinks that will make them order more.
  • Update your menu from anywhere, Unlimited items, easy as one, two, three
  • Show your guests high-res photos of dishes before they order
  • Keep your waiters informed with dish details, including allergens or wine pairings
  • Monitor your Restaurant performance in real time where ever you are

Adjustable floor plan

Your restaurant is never too busy for Solvr Restaurant. Update your floor plan in real-time to accommodate last-minute reservations and big groups.

  • Color indicators to show if a table is free, occupied, or ready to pay
  • Add or remove tables on the fly to accommodate the rush
  • Use custom images for tables, seats, and decor to properly represent your space

Stock management

Make sure your staff doesn’t order something that you’ve run out of. Keep track of what you have in stock so you never run out of your best-selling items.
  • Modify your stock count in real-time from any device
  • Avoid disappointing customers by ordering something that’s out of stock
  • Report on food cost and profit to make smart decisions for your menu

Kitchen Display System

Between cooking up a storm and coordinating with wait staff, the kitchen is a busy place. Improve back and front-of-house communication and increase efficiency with our Kitchen Display System.
  • Get a detailed view of every order including images, modifiers, and timer
  • Quickly sort through orders with filters to see what’s New, Preparing, or Done
  • Kitchen receipts can include table number and seat number for each dish
  • Items can be removed from the kitchen printing so your chef only read what matters
  • Set up sound notifications to alert your cooks of new orders without breaking workflow

Solvr™ University NEW

  • Learn the know-how of your software
  • Gain access to plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials
  • Unleash the potential of your hardware/software so it assists you to its full capacity

Constant Update And Amelioration So Your

SOLVR™ Software stays ahead of the curve