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SCH-96 MOON Overall upgrade

1) Brightness increased 30%, clearer than similar products.

2) Fully sealed optical module, dustproof, the latest thermal insulation technology,

3) Effective protection on LCD, no longer to be baked yellow, real maintenance free


  • 6000 lumens with 8000: 1 contrast for breath taking contrast, 3D features
  • OS Android 7.1 allows you to browse the internet or install your favourite app directly in the projector storage.
  • WI-FI ready allows you to take control of the projector with any devices connected to your router ( phone, laptop )
  • 63”-200”optimal size
  • Native resolution: Smart version 1280×1080 , Basic version 1280×720
  • Max resolution: 4K
  • Projection distance : 2m-15m
  • Multimedia AV / CVBS / HDMI / USB
  • LED lamp life 50,000 hours



● HD 1.4 x 2 ;
● USB(max support 32G,Does not support Mobile Hard Disk);
● AV x1;
● YPbPr x1;
● Audio-in (3.5mm Headphone jack) x1;
● Audio-out (3.5mm Headphone jack) x1;
● RJ45(Network Interface,For BT96plus Smart Version only ) x1


Others specifications

● Projection Mode: Front/ Rear/ Ceiling front/ Ceiling rear
● Keystone Correction: Manual
● Electrical zoom: By remote
● Power supply: AC90-240V, 50-60Hz
● Device: 330 x 250 x 110mm
● Weight: 4KG

Startek Short-Throw Projector


Startek’s Ultra-short-throw technology pushes the boundaries of projection, creating impactful and engaging presentations in any sized room. For the ultimate interactive experience, two of the projectors in the Ultra-short-throw range include inbuilt interactive capabilities allowing any projection surface to become an interactive one.

What is an short-throw projector?

A projector you can use in any size room. Startek’s short-throw technology allows the projector to be mounted just centimetres away from the wall. This is particularly beneficial in smaller rooms as short-throw projectors don’t need as much space as traditional projectors, which makes it easy to create large, impactful screens in even the smallest room. Another benefit is that the projector virtually eliminates the problem of shadows on the screen, which makes it much easier to interact with the projection.

Screen Instruction

This Screen adopts high density fiber material, no smell, no harm to human body. The metal layer, plus bead particles, increases the brightness. 

It’s grey curtain, effectively improve the projection contrast.

Do not need to close the door and Windows in the daytime, we also can experience the excellent projection effect.

How to get the best projection effect?

The projector and screen is linear, and the audience is in the front. Viewing Angle is about 30-40°.  the Best viewing angle is about 0 – 20°

Package include :

1 x  Anti-light projector screen

Double sided tape Velcro(Gift)


BYINTEK projector screen (2)

BYINTEK projector screen (4)

BYINTEK projector screen (5)

BYINTEK projector screen (6)

BYINTEK projector screen (7)

Packing list

1 x Simple anti-light screen (Does not contain wooden frames)
Free Gift Double-sided tape .
(Note: 72inch, 100inch is a common double-sided tape. 130inch is a double-sided Velcro.)

Projector Wall Ceiling Mount




Material: aluminum alloy.

Maximum load weight: >=20kg

Ceiling panel dimensions: 4 inches x 4 inches (square).

Compact form, The main lever for the four-channel.


Compatible: a variety of angles and lengths

Installation method:4 methods

Color: Black


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They all have the wholes needed for this purpose. (except for the mini-projector because he’s made for kids).

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Do they work outside, like for camping?” style=”round” color=”blue” size=”sm”]

Any good projector works with power supply, not lithium battery. So, if you think about using it in a camping with no power source, the only solution would be a battery tank.

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”The lumens, what are they for?” style=”round” color=”blue” size=”sm”]

Lumens is the unit we use to indicate the brightness level of the projector. The more lumens there is, the clearer the picture. for school, wedding, church, or any professional usage we suggest something around 2000lm minimum.

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Does it work in other country or continent?” style=”round” color=”blue” size=”sm”]

Absolutely, the power range is 110V-250V and 50HZ-60HZ.

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